How to Be a Well-Informed Shopper

Today, being knowledgeable about fashion is the difference between being an object of desire and a victim of fashions. You should know how to be a well-informed shopper and how to choose a pair of jeans that would suit your body type. You must first realize that when you are buying clothes, not all jeans are meant for slim bodies.

When it comes to your body type, jeans will never cater to all of you. You must understand your body type before you can take in the real size of the jeans you can wear. To be informed about your body type, read on.

If you belong to the group of people who are considered “athletic” and are usually skinny or have a thick build, most jeans sold in stores would probably fit you perfectly. They are made for this purpose. But if you are big or tall, these jeans would not fit you. Hence, they would appear to be too tight or too baggy.

What you need to do is to try the jeans out. You will be surprised to see how it fits on you. If you find them a bit snug, try widening them by using a wide belt.

If you are short and tall, it is a better choice to get jeans with a narrow waist and wide band. You will be able to see how your stomachs and thighs look in these jeans. Of course, the slimmer the jeans are, the tighter the fit on your body.

Try to look for the one with a shoulder seam that falls slightly above the hip area. This helps to draw attention to your hip area. A low rise will also help you to have a slimmer physique.

With regard to the pants, women who have hips with curves and hips with straight lines usually do not like high-waisted jeans. They prefer those with a straight leg that extends below the knee, which will accentuate their waist.

A woman with curves should avoid skinny jeans. The curves could disappear under such jeans and make her appear thinner. For the best fit, go for those made from stretch denim.

For plus-sized women, wearing a short skirt and knee highs can show off the curves of their legs. The good thing about them is that they are not too tight. You can wear them with a pencil skirt and pencil belt that are either zipped or buttoned up.

To make sure that your hips area does not appear when you wear those pants, look for the ones that are either made from stretch denim or have minimal shaping. The better quality jeans have a pleat in the lower back and are made with minimal shaping or welt.

Try to be practical in what you wear. Wear clothes that will maintain your body temperature and wash your jeans in cold water. So, don’t wear bright colors and don’t try to wear clothes that are made from metallic thread because these will accentuate your body fat.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to knowing how to be an informed shopper. And, the best thing to do is to join a shopping mall and do some research. Also, use the internet to find out about the styles that are suitable for your body type.